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Sacred flower essence training

Sacred flower essence training

Sacred Flower
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Become a Sacred flower essence practitioner. 

This is an in depth course on earth wisdom & the use and application of Sacred flower essences.

This course will also develop and refine your intuition and your connection to nature & spirit.

For personal transformation and to become skilled with Sacred flower essences to enhance your current practice.

Includes ; Sacredflower manual , audio meditations , Sacred flower book and cards set , Sacred flower mist & perfume. 

10 week course.

Weeks 1 - 4 

Understanding flower essences , how they work , history & evolution. 

Clarifying the differences between flower essences , aromatherapy & herbal remedies. 

In depth teaching of the sacred flower essences & applications.

Personal journey into nature’s healing. 

Revealing & developing your intuition.

Learning to listen to the flowers.

Weeks 5 -8 

Making flower essences.

Make your own flower essence.

Reading the flower essence cards for healing & consultation.

Continuing your personal journey with nature & your intuition. 

How to incorporate the flower essences into your life & into your practise both personally & for professional use.

Weeks 9 - 10. 

Continued support for personal journey & intuition development. 

Assistance to set up flower healing offerings for clients.

Case studies


You will need to purchase the practitioner set of stock bottles to start your course. 

These are used daily in your training , and are also essential to make the flower essences from once course is completed. Depending on how often you make flower essence remedies up , the stock bottles last up to 2 years. 

The course is delivered in such a way that you will be receiving regular personal attention from me.

Your daily practises & flower essence education will come from your Sacred flower manual & meditation audio file.

Then we will have a weekly check in to answer questions and enhance your unique journey with the Sacred flower essences.

For extra info please contact me at

Love Sienna. 


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