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Flower essences

Flower essences are a natural remedy, here to support us in gentle yet powerful ways. Flower essences work on emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic levels to address the root of our imbalances and correct them by aligning us to our true nature and highest potential.

Often when you start taking flower essences you will feel a sense of relaxation in your being. Everyday stresses don't worry you so much, you feel lighter and more peaceful, noticing the sweetness of life.

Sacred flower essences , flower essence products

Flower essences work on a vibrational level to infuse you with their healing properties and literally bring more light into you. Each flower essence carries it's unique range of healing qualities. You take them as drops ( shown above ) or use them through the skin, as we blend them in to our anointing products.   The natural perfumes and mists also contain essential oils ( aromatherapy scent element ) , combined with the flower essences ( no scent, pure, vibrational remedy ).

Our essences are an everyday remedy that you can effortlessly use in your life. To have your own bottle of Sacred flower essences made especially for you + connect with the flowers at a deeper level, have a 1:1 flower essence reading + healing online. Details in Shop, under 'services'.

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Our Sacredflower flower essences.

Created over many years of flower devotion, the 33 Sacred flower essences are all made here in the Byron shire, from locally gathered flowers. I've also made a set of Sacred flower oracle cards to share the flowers wisdom. All the flower essences l make are under direct guidance from the spirit of flowers. l make flower essences continously, for use in prayer and ceremony, as well as for seasonally inspired creations for the collective. Stay in touch on our newsletter to hear when they're being shared. 

With the Sacred flower essence cards, you can use them as a daily oracle, to give yourself flower readings, so you know which essences you need + to deepen your understanding.

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Please note, a flower essence is a natural, vibrational remedy made from a small amount of flowers steeped in water, which is then preserved to harness the healing qualities of the flower. They contain no scent but do carry effective transformational qualities.  Essential oils are the scented componant of Sacred flower.

Sacred flower natural perfumes and flower essence mists contain both flower essences and essential oils. The essential oil element, Aromatherapy, is what gives the products their scent. ( not the flower essences. ) 

While I am an Aromatherapist, I also works largely with flower essences, yoga , earth wisdom and vibrational healing modalities, channeling their light and love through prayer / grace.

Using essential oils and flower essences for our wellbeing and union with nature + spirit, is one of the oldest forms of healing we know. They are offerings from Earth Mother to keep us healthy and attuned to her life force + beauty way. The beauty way of the earth is to live as one with her + all beings. 

' The elders have asked that the morning after every full moon , that we go outside and we look to the sun , to the flowers and to the heart of the earth . . .  In doing so we bring more solar energy and flower wisdom to earth , because the next age is the Age of Flowers , flowers are our medicine for the next age.'                            - Ven. Dhyana Ywahoo , Clan Chieftaness , Cherokee Nation.