Flower alchemy.

' The elders have asked that the morning after every full moon , that we go outside and we look to the sun , to the flowers and to the heart of the earth . . .  In doing so we bring more solar energy and flower wisdom to earth , because the next age is the Age of Flowers , flowers are our medicine for the next age.'                            - Ven. Dhyana Ywahoo , Clan Chieftaness , Cherokee Nation.

A flower essence is a natural , vibrational remedy made from a small amount of flowers steeped in water , which is then preserved to harness the healing qualities of the flower. They contain no scent but do carry effective transformational qualities.

Like homeopathy, flower essence therapy works on an energetic level to restore the equilibrium of the body , mind and spirit. They contain no scent or perfume and should not be confused with essential oils and herbal tinctures. Essential oils are much stronger and do carry powerful scent . The art of making flower essences requires only a small amount of flowers seeped in pure crystalline water.  The healing signature of the flower is infused into the water and carefully preserved, made into a flower essence, which can be taken as drops into the mouth or included in a mist for spritzing , or added to natural perfumes to be taken in through the skin. Which ever way you choose to use flower essences they have no negative side effects. A small amount of pure alcohol preserves the essence. 

Using flower essences aligns us with our true vibrations of love , peace and happiness. They can be used daily to uplift our hearts and clear our minds.

Taking flower essences infuses our beings with their healing frequencies and can effect positive change on spiritual , emotional , mental & energetic levels, thus improving our lives, creating more balance, awareness and often helping us through lifes challenges.

Like the path of Yoga , which embodies the wisdom of the sun , the moon and all the elements of nature , flower essences are a tool for transformation and inner peace & happiness. The power of yoga and flowers helps us to release what no longer serves us , make peace with what is and come into alignment with our true selves. 

Sacredflower flower essences.

Sacredflower flower essences have been created by Sienna Moon in the Byron bay region of Northern N.S.W. Australia. All the flowers used in the set have been found and created, in reverence and ritual, by her. There are 33 essences in the original Sacredflower set though Sienna has made, & continues to make, many more flower essences that are being used for healing and ceremony in various forms. The Sacredflower essence set has an accompanying pack of visual flower cards and a little book written by Sienna to assist in imparting the wisdom of the flowers and the blessings of Mother Earth to all.

With the Sacred flower essence cards you can also spend time gazing at the image of the flower , reading its offering to you, meditating on its healing qualities, saying the flowers prayer, breathing in the wisdom and beauty it has to share. 

 Sacred flower natural perfumes and flower essence mists contain both flower essences and essential oils. The essential oil element, Aromatherapy, is what gives the products their scent. Essential oils carry powerful healing properties. Essential oils are  concentrated extractions of flowers, plants and trees. The science of Aromatherapy is an in depth art and requires many years of study to qualify. While Sienna is an Aromatherapist, for healing purposes she works largely with flower essences, yoga , earth wisdom and vibrational healing modalities , channeling their light and love through prayer and meditation.

Using essential oils and flower essences for insight, presence, union with Spirit, balance and ceremony is one of the oldest forms of healing we know. Many cultures worldwide use plant / flower medicines for ritual and all round wellbeing; sacred herbs, oils and resins for smudging and purification; and essential oils and flower essences for all of the above. They are offerings from Earth Mother to keep us healthy and connected to her life force and beauty way.