Sacred flower

Sacred flower is an offering of love from Sienna Moon. Bringing you the beauty and healing essences from Mother Earth , through flower essences , natural perfumes , mists & elixirs. The flower essences can be used individually for specific issues , and carefully selected combinations of floweressences are also added to the divine range of pure perfumes and aromatherapy blends that Sienna makes. These uplifting , natural products are here to increase the state of your wellbeing and encourage connection to earth wisdom, divine truth and the transformational energies of flowers. As well as keeping you exquisitely scented, naturally.  

Sacred flower believes in the power of Mother Nature and her flower remedies to relieve stress, enhance wellbeing and to restore inner peace and happiness. 

The stresses of a modern lifestyle have many people working long hours , juggling so much from day to day , dealing with depletion,  emotional distress and electromagnetic overload from technology. These issues are effecting our physical , spiritual & mental health. Often our culture tends to value busyness and so many suffer a lack of time to be with our loved ones , to see sunsets , do yoga and stop to smell the flowers.
We believe that flower essences are an everyday remedy to soothe our souls,  and simply feel better.
A gentle yet effective way to address the issues we face , to balance out stress and deal with challenges.
By putting them in our natural perfumes and making you mists to use in multiple ways , you can incorperate them into your life easily and effortlessly.
Bring in simple daily rituals of anointing and misting to access the benefits that nature has for you.
By using the flower essences on a regular basis you invite more ease and grace into everyday life.
Sacred flower products clear stagnant energy and uplift your spirit. They help you feel good, and keep you scented naturally & smelling absolutely divine. They are made in small batches in our beautiful flower temple in Byron Bay. All of the individual flower essences in the Sacred flower range have been made by Sienna Moon from flowers found in Nth NSW , Australia. One of the most beautiful nature places on Earth.
 These exquisite products & single flower essences are handcrafted with love, created to bring you close to nature, your heart, your truth. . . 
They assist in cultivating inner peace , which is crucial in effecting peace on Earth.
They bring inspiration , connection , greater wellbeing and a sense of the sacred into everyday.

Sienna Moon

 Sacred flower has been created by Sienna Moon. Born from her deep love of earth magic and the divine spirit of all. . . .  With over 20 years experience as an Aromatherapist, Sienna is trained and adept in many healing arts. Sienna is a flower essence practitoner , specialising in yoga , flower wisdom and prayer.

These qualifications and qualities , combined with her immense love for Mother Earth and devotion to spirit , is where Sacred flower grows from. 

Sienna's expertise with flowers, aromatherapy and ritual has produced unique blends with high vibration healing qualities and divine scents.

She also teaches private yoga classes and gives yoga and flower , water blessings at healing retreats. 



Sacred Flower is a new creation from Sienna Moon. Inspired by a profound love of nature, particularly the flowers