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Sacred flower

Increase your sense of wellbeing + connect with earth wisdom + flower alchemy, to relieve stress and restore inner peace and happiness. This is an offering of love, arising from deep devotion to the Earth and Spirit.

These divine, natural perfumes, mists, flower essences and other creations are healing elixirs for mind, body and spirit. Use every day to feel more ease, joy and beauty in your life.

Experience the nourishing energies of mother earth, through the power of flower essences + essential oils. The range of Sacred flower essences have been hand crafted in the Byron shire, then blended with essential oils to create beautiful, natural perfumes + mists, for exqusite scent and vibrational healing.

You can also use the individual flower essences, flower oracle cards and access other related services to enhance alignment and love in your life. ( See more about Sienna at bottom of page. )            

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All of the individual flower essences in the Sacred flower range have been made by Sienna from flowers found in Nth NSW, Australia. One of the most beautiful nature places on Earth.
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Handcrafted, with love and reverence, in our beautiful flower temple in Byron bay. Created to bring you close to our earths healing energies, your heart and truth.  Feel uplifted, aligned and be beautifully scented naturally. Cultivate your inner peace with sacred flowers + effect the prayer for peace on Earth.

Sienna Moon

 Sacred flower has been created by Sienna Moon. Born from her deep love of earth magic + divine spirit. With over 20 years experience as an Aromatherapist, she is also trained and adept in many healing arts. Sienna is a flower essence practitoner, specialising in yoga, flower wisdom + prayer.

These qualifications and qualities, combined with her immense love for Mother Earth and devotion to spirit, is where Sacred flower grows from. Her expertise with flowers, aromatherapy and ritual has produced unique blends with high vibration healing qualities and divine scents.

Sienna also teaches private yoga classes and shares yoga and flower + water blessings at healing retreats.   If you would like to deepen your knowledge and experience with the flowers and earth based spirituality, through feminine, yogic embodiment teachings, get in touch for details on classes, circles + healings.



Sacred Flower is a new creation from Sienna Moon. Inspired by a profound love of nature, particularly the flowers