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Giving back

Here at Sacred flower we love to listen to nature, to bask in her beauty, share her remedies and honour her ways. Nature is cyclical, an endless flow of giving, receiving, sharing and co creation. We do our best to live by her guidance and believe in service and giving as a natural, spiritual aspect of our human experience. 

This can be through simple acts of kindness, in small gestures throughout the day. It is also through always giving a portion of what we have towards a cause we care about, to those who need support.

Ongoing, we donate to a water initiative called Love water, an organisation of amazing humans who go into places throughout Africa and beyond where there is lack of good water. They install natural filtration systems so villages can access healthy water, which effects every aspect of life. 

Over the years we also support other foundations that are reforesting the world, planting trees, saving forests, cleaning oceans, protecting the waters and supporting human rights. We speak of this in the hope to inspire others to do the same. Even if we only have a little more than another, then that is enough to give. 

We also truely believe in the power of prayer + share our love + blessings in this way too. Every day we devote time + focus towards sending prayers to others, it can be people we know, or areas in the world we know are struggling. Humbly asking Spirit to bring peace to all hearts, for all beings to know love, safety, fresh food and clean water. If you have made it to these words here we know you can do the same.