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flower remedies . ritual . yoga . alchemy
flower remedies . ritual . yoga . alchemy
flower remedies . natural perfumes . earth wisdom . alchemy


I'm smelling my wrists , anointed in Sacred flower natural perfume , and feeling this beautiful ecstasy, intoxicating the Goddess within.

Katie Brennan. Ayurvedic consultant


I am absolutely in love with this beautiful scent. I've never used natural oil/flower essence perfumes before now but I will only wear them from now on. They feel so smooth and smell wonderful for ages; never overpowering. I feel very calm and relaxed after wearing Goddess and my other perfumes too. Sacred Flower is a pleasure to deal with from start to finish and I'll be ordering more for myself and as gifts very soon!


So happy to have found chemical free perfume that also smells beautiful & lasts on my skin.

Megan Simmone


Sensationally delicate blend totally takes me to a place of peace within yet allows me to feel a flow of expression and creativity, how is that possible? Through the spirit of love that Sienna's energy imparts into her stunning blends of perfumes and mists, I really cannot describe the depth of the places you take me too when I wear your fragrances, they are Heaven on Earth! You are so gifted beautiful lady, your perfumes are superior! Much Love xo

Christel Broederlow

The most divine fragrance l have ever smelt or worn, l get so many compliments wearing sacred flower & l can't imagine wearing anything else



After an allergic reaction to a very well known perfume that I'd worn for some years, I went in search of organic, natural perfumes and found sacred flower. I was completely captivated! Grace is an absolutely divine perfume, the scent is so delicate yet fragrant on the top note of Gardenia, perfection. Sienna you are gifted with the ability in creating the most gorgeous perfumes I've ever been blessed to wear. The roll-on perfumes are so convenient to carry in my handbag. I adore your divine perfumes infused with your essence of love, thank you. 

Love X LOVE X Love

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