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Rose goddess ritual box
Rose goddess ritual box
Rose goddess ritual box
Rose goddess ritual box
Rose goddess ritual box

Rose goddess ritual box

Sacred Flower
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This magical Rose Goddess Ritual box has been crafted in ceremony with prayers of love and reverence for the Goddess in you & in all.  It contains ;

A written, guided ritual to attune you to your inner light and the nourishing energy coming from Mother Earth.

A Rose codes activation prayer to be used in conjunction with Rose flower essence drops, to raise the frequency of your divine feminine energy.

An array of Sacred flower anointing products to be used in your ritual and whenever else you like,

Goddess flower essence perfume,

Goddess flower essence mist 50ml,

Goddess anointing body oil 50ml,

* all of which contain extra rose flower essences. 

Rose flower essence drops.

Sacred flower essence prayer cards & info cards,

on all the flower essences used in the products here.

Further Rose Ritual wisdom and uses.

A natural, locally made beeswax candle.


This Goddess ritual will open you to your inner wisdom and intuition, through the mysteries of the rose and other sacred flowers, you will tune in to your true, feminine radiance and the divine love of the goddess within and in all.

The blessings of Mother Earth, all her elements and flowers are here for you. Her high frequency gifts of nature have been accessed here at Sacred flower, and created into flower essences, exquisite anointing products, prayers and ritual, to fill you with her grace.

The grace that is also you, beautiful and stirring within, let the flowers, combined with these prayers and gentle, feminine yogic practises, help you bring forth this light.

The recommended retail value of the contents in here comes to approx $150. The value of the Rose Goddess Ritual is tricky to put a price tag on. It is a genuine channeling of pure Goddess wisdom received from a deep and sincere place of prayer, practise and service to love.


Created to awaken more divine, feminine light on our beautiful Mama earth, to bring balance, love, expansion, healing and peace to you and all beings.

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