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Australian flower essences. red rose flower essence remedy. sacred flower essences

Rose flower essence

Sacred Flower
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Red rose.

Flower essence remedy.

For love, affection, compassion, purity, passion and beauty.

Comforting and deeply healing for many illnesses and traumas.

This sacred flower has a particular resonance with the heart and the mother Goddess.

 A flower essence is a vibrational healing modality. Different from essential oils they contain no scent. They carry the healing essence of the flower. Flower essences work on subtle , emotional , mental & spiritual levels to effect changes for your wellbeing. Using them is a gentle yet powerful process that unfolds over a number of weeks / months. 

Take 7 drops under the tounge morning & night , or add 7 drops to your water bottle , or drop on pulse points to absorb through the skin. 

For a deeper look into the healing benefits of flower essences email Sienna for a digital copy of the Sacred flower flower essence book once you have made your order. 


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