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Flower essence healing + energy healing session , reiki, hands on healing
Anointing ritual + energy healing

Anointing ritual + energy healing

Sacred Flower
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1:1 flower essence + energy healing 

Receive the divine transmissions of high frequency light and flower alchemy to restore inner peace. 

Release stress, reset your nervous system and attune to your natural state of love.

In this healing session you will have an anointing oil made especially for you containing sacred flower essences. This sacred oil will be lightly applied to key points and easy to reach areas of skin , ie , wrists , hands , decolletage , neck , lower legs   . . . your body will remain covered. 

We open to the highest vibrations of angelic light and the spirit of pure love. While also accessing the ancient art of hands on healing ( reiki ) + through the Isis, Mother Mary + Magdalena lineage, where l am versed in their ways of channeling prayer. Every session is unique, know you will be held in complete presence and love through whatever arises, providing space for deep letting go and profound recalibration on a cellular level.

Be nourished by the grace of flowers and celestial light. Relax into the essence of your true nature. 

As a vessel for these divine frequencies of love I have over 20 years experience working in the healing arts , and with flower and earth medicine. I receive much support + guidance from ascended masters + divine beings of love and bow in gratitude for their grace in this life.  l maintain a daily practise of yoga , meditation , prayer , earth reverence and service to Spirit.


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