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Anoint organic facial serum & camellia oil. limited edition

Anoint organic facial serum & camellia oil. limited edition

Sacred Flower
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Anoint ~ Organic facial serum. Pure face oil.

Organic camillia oil with pure essential oils & precious flower essences for pure skin hydration & brightening.

Containing jasmine, frangipani and white lotus essential oils, held in a base of organic camellia oil, with sacred flower essences of native orchids and lotuses. The ultimate feminine radiance blend.

Organic camellia oil ~ pure oil cleanse and moisturiser. 

Use our pure, organic camellia oil as a skin cleansing oil and face oil. Perfect for makeup removal and cleansing, every day. 

Camellia oil is light and nourishing, with omega oils & vitamin a, b , and e, for elasticity and skin repair. It stimulates cell regeneration, bringing brightness to the skin.