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organic face serum , pure aromatherapy / flower essence oil for skin care & sacred flower anointing oil. organic camillia oil

Anoint - organic facial serum

Sacred Flower
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Organic facial serum. Pure face oil.

Organic camillia oil with pure essential oils & precious flower essences for pure skin hydration & brightening.

This exquisite blend is the perfect facial serum to restore tired skin , provide true hydration & give a luminous youthful glow. 

As well as it being your go to facial recovery serum & daily moisture essential , the essences contained are rare and precious so it is also a divine anointing oil for high vibration sacred moments. 

Anoint hands , wrists , neck , belly , where ever you wish to apply the sacred flowers. 

Containing white lotus , jasmine & frangipani essential oils for divine scent , powerful skin enhancing qualities and beautiful properties to uplift your heart & soul. With flower essences of orchids & lotuses , which connect you to the sacredness of all life while staying completely grounded in the sensual realms of earthly beauty. 

Refered to in Japan as the rose of winter , organic camillia oil is an ancient beauty secret of the Geisha women. Used as a cleansing oil to remove heavy makeup it has been prized for its nourishing , beautifying properties.  Once the skin is clean it is further applied as a serum bringing a luminous quality of dewy freshness to the face. 

At Sacred flower we have found camillia to be the best oil for the face. This is with over 20 years experience in the industry ! Of course we couldnt help adding our most rare & precious essences to bring you the ultimate anoining oil to honour yourself as a radiant being of love and beauty , every single day. 

Apply a few pumps to skin in the evenings after cleansing. Also perfect for the backs of the hands. You'll drift into the night on waves of delicate , exotic aromas to inspire profund love and beauty. 

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