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"Dear friends , l have recently been using Sienna's flower cards from her Sacredflower range , like everyday picking a card, and it is so spot on each day ! Plus the prayer to go with it !!  This daily practise and attuning has really reconnected me back to the vibrational healing of flowers. l actually feel the flowers opening and communicating with me again , so beautiful. l highly recommend these exquisite cards, plus all of the perfumes and mists. Beyond Beautiful !! Thank you Sienna for your devotion and love of flowers to have created these very special gifts. Big love & flowers xx  - Zanetta Shakti ." 

"The purest and sweetest products l have ever used, Sienna is the creator of Sacred flower mists , oils and perfumes , she is a magician of the potion , l promise your experience of yourself will alter after just a few drops of these magic elixirs. You'll be feeling so fine , so divine , perfect for daily anointing , blessings , honouring and celebrating yourself." -  Angela Fitzgerald. Doula , Midwife , dancer. '

"I was honoured to attend the first of the Sacred Flower Essence immersion with Sienna   Moon, earlier this year. Here I was introduced and guided to learn about the Sacred Flowers and how to use them for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. The three day workshop was a powerful, transformative journey into my self and into aligning with mother natures healing gifts. Sienna guided the 3 days with sincerity, poise, sweet feminine Grace, deep honouring and gentle guidance. I have since been meditating with the essences, intimately getting to know them and also making my own essences and being so blessed by the gifts this medicine can offer.

As a qualified naturopath l now use Sacred flowers in my treatment prescriptions. Sacred flowers offer a dynamic element to assist in healing on all levels. The strength of the flower essences is in their softness , gently yet powerfully unfurling locked energies , restricted thoughts , static patterns that have served their purpose and are now ready to be released. l have been delighted and inspired to receive wonderful feedback from the numerous clients l have given them to.

Sienna Moon is a true pioneer , opening up the gifts of local plants that surround us allowing their deeper healing potential to be available. Sienna is an inspiration , through unveiling and reclaiming her innocence she allows natural gifts of intuition and receptivity to open up the gifts of the Goddess and the natural world. The sacred flowers are well researched and the course and the material are very professionally presented.

Flower essences have always been used by traditional cultures around the world. l am from South western Australia and flower essences therapy was a traditional medicine. The Nyoongah tribe are traditional custodians of that land and for them the flowers of the area carried the spirit, essence and colour of Waugal , Rainbow snake. He pierced the sheet of ice covering the world allowing sun woman to shine and birth creation. Flowers are a symbol of this life and their essences were used to penetrate and bring new life to all. The dynamic strength of the flower essences are their ability to unlock energies that allow ones unbridled self to shine , to become more fully alive , unhindered by self limiting beliefs and energies.

l feel infinitely blessed to know Sienna and to work with the gifts of the Sacred flowers personally and professionally. l feel honoured to be intimately connected to working with the healing gifts of this beautiful land."      - Kristin Zanotti Bnat ,  Cape Naturopathics - 

" I'm smelling my wrists , anointed in Sacred flower natural perfumes , and feeling this beautiful ecstasy, intoxicating the Goddess within. "  - Katie Brennan. Ayurvedic consultant , Mother .