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Collection: flower essence practitioner training

3 month course on earth wisdom & the healing essences of Sacred flowers.

For personal transformation and to learn skills to enhance your current practise.

This is a journey into becoming a Sacred flower essence practitioner.It is also a personal exploration of gentle unraveling , self love , deepening intuition and connection to nature & spirit.


Course includes ;

Course manual.

Nature meditations & joyful , simple rituals.

Understanding flower essences , how they work , history & evolution.

Clarifying the differences between flower essences , aromatherapy & herbal remedies.

In depth teaching of the sacred flower essences & applications.

Personal journey into nature’s healing.

Revealing & developing your intuition.

Learning to listen to the flowers.

Making flower essences.

Reading the flower essence cards for healing & consultation.

 How to incorporate the flower essences into your life & into your practise both personally & for professional use.

 Assistance to set up flower healing offerings for clients.

Case studies.


Before you begin this course you will need to have the full set of stock bottle flower essences for practitioner usage. (  this is the set you can make essences out of & is different to the dosage bottles available individually. )  

Also a set of sacredflower cards & the sacred flower essence book.


The course is delivered in such a way that you will be receiving regular personal attention from me.

Your daily practises & flower essence education will come from your Sacred flower manual & meditation audio file.

Then we will have a weekly email catch up.

Every week l can answer your questions & tailor the outline to suit your particular circumstances. We need to have this one on one contact so l can feel your progress & your experience. So l can understand your journey with the flowers & give to you where you may require. So we may delight in this journey together in genuine love and reverence for the flowers and all of creation.

If you would like further information before making your purchase please contact me by email & l can send you further info sheets.

Love Sienna. xx


Reviews  -  

“ Soul nourishing , educational , inspiring and revitalising. My life has honestly been transformed through taking on this course. l am so much more tuned in to myself , my healing abilities & the flowers. l have added the Sacred flower essences to my one on one sessions with clients. It feels so good to be able to give people ( & myself ) this beautiful, heart based medicine. Thank you Sienna , for this incredible opportunity to open myself more to the real love found in Nature and the wonderful world of flower essence healing. “ -   Jessi Cambell - Councillor / body worker.


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