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Violet natural perfume

Violet natural perfume

Sacred Flower
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Natural perfume made with pure essential oils & flower essences.

No chemicals, alcohol or fillers. 100% natural. Use daily to smell divine and feel the positive benefits of aromatherapy and flower essences.

An earthy , sweet , delicate scent of violet combinations that brings great comfort, ease and heart nourishment. Containing Sacred flower essences of native violet, hearts ease, jacaranda tree flower and lobelia  assisting sensitive souls to focus and gain strength while maintaining the beauty of sensitivity.

Anointing yourself in Sacredflower pure perfumes is the perfect way to get your daily dose of flower essence alignment & the benefits of essential oils. Choosing natural products encourages good health & wellbeing for you and your environment.

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Ingredients list

Natural scent list-

Violet essential oils

Unscented list-

refined macadamia oil

native violet flower essence

hearts ease flower essence

jacaranda flower essence

lobelia flower essence 

All flower essence created by Sacred flower/ Sienna Moon.

Note ; essential oils give pure perfumes there exquisite scent, flower essences are prized for their exceptional, vibrational healing qualities and contain no scent.

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