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Ritual natural perfume
Ritual natural, botnaical perfume

Ritual natural perfume

Sacred Flower
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Natural perfume made with pure essential oils & flower essences.

No chemicals, alcohol or fillers. 100% natural. Use daily to smell divine & feel the positive effects from the healing benefits of Aromatherapy and flower essences.

A rich , woody aroma with undertones of blue lotus and patchouli blending beautifully with Sandalwood , Cedar and vetiver. This elixir is both grounding and mystical containing flower essences of morning glory , acacia flower , white yarrow and diviners sage. Loved by men and women alike. 

Anointing yourself in Sacredflower pure perfumes is the perfect way to get your daily dose of flower essence alignment & the benefits of essential oils. Choosing natural products encourages good health & wellbeing for you and your environment. 

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Ingredients list

Natural scent list -

sandalwood essential oil

cedarwood essential oil

patchouli essential oil

vetiver essential oil

blue lotus essential oil

Unscented list - 

refined macadamia oil 

diviners sage flower essence

acacia flower essence

white yarrow flower essence 

morning glory flower essence 

 All flower essence created by Sacred flower/ Sienna Moon.

Note ; essential oils give pure perfumes their exquisite scent, flower essences are prized for their exceptional, vibrational healing qualities and contain no scent.

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