4 week Moon flowering womens circle.

4 week Moon flowering womens circle.

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Welcome to the temple.

A four week journey into the depths of the Sacred feminine.

Here you can lay down your guard, soften and align,

as you settle, naturally, into the beauty, peace and wisdom

of your divine feminine heart.

A circle of women is a sacred vessel that strengthens the love and wisdom you, as woman, carry within.

There is an alchemy that happens when women gather,

a holy force, a magical prayer

that rises above and beyond our usual ways of sharing.

The magic of circle sheds light on our deepest truths

and natural healing power.

It is the way of the sacred feminine, it is magical, like you,

and even while l use the words,

it is all the while, unspeakable.

The ritual is embodied.

This womens circle will follow an entire moon cycle. We will meet once a week for 4 weeks at my home temple. We will bask together in ceremony , attuning to our divine magic and sacred light.

Through embodied movement practises, moon knowledge, ritual, flower blessings and essences we will unveil and enliven our sacred feminine energies & align with the pure wisdom of our wombs and hearts.

What to expect.

*You will receive feminine embodiment practises.

*A personalised flower remedy for your journey.

*Sacred flower perfume for your journey.

*Moon knowledge to follow your natural rhythms.

*Womb practises to tune in to your intuition and body wisdom.

*Heart healing and activations to cultivate your highest good

and pure hearts desires.

*Sacred space to be seen, cherished, deeply nourished and accepted, exactly as you are.

*Ceremony to release what no longer serves you.

*Embodiment of your inner light and divine feminine magnetism,

allowing all that is perfectly aligned for you to flow into your life.

Thanks to everyone interested in these circles. This course is now full. Email us with your details to register for future circles. 

Dates ; 10th June - 8th July.

Thursday nights from 5 - 8pm.

4 week journey starting on the new moon.


Exchange ; $120 , all inclusive ,

including personalised flower remedy,

sacred flower perfume

& light suppers.


Held in Byron area in person only.  ( please note , the cost is kept at a minimal exchange offering as we are honouring the blessings of circle and building community amongst sisters. )

*Please deposit your contribution in the weeks before we start.

More information will be sent once you commit.