Get the guidance and support you're looking for through a Sacred flower reading. You will find more clarity , come into greater balance , clear blockages and raise your vibration. Similar to other oracle or tarot readings , a flower reading shines light into the areas most important to you. You will also receive a flower essence remedy specifically created for you to take in the weeks following your reading. In this way the flowers can continue their work on you , helping you to transform and come into alignment. You can have your flower essence reading in the comfort of your own environment as all sessions are through live video chat.

Using flowers & plants is one of the oldest forms of healing we know. Flower essences work on an energetic level to restore equilibrium, filling your cells with light to lift your vibration to meet your highest truth.  They effect positive change on spiritual , emotional , mental & energetic levels improving our lives , inviting in more love , peace , happiness  & wellbeing. 

In your session l will open a channel of healing for you through the flowers, the elements of nature & the divine spirit residing in all. l invite you to share your concerns with me as l listen with an open heart. Together we will enter a sacred space where the flowers will offer you their healing frequencies. 

The flower light alchemy begins throughout your session and will also be reinforced & maintained through your own personalised flower essence remedy that will be sent to you after your reading.

Many great teachers & healers have seen flowers and vibrational healing to be the medicine of our times. 

" Flower essences are able , like beautiful music or any glorious , uplifting thing which gives us inspiration , to raise our very natures , bring us peace and relieve our suffering.  They cure , not by attacking the disease , but by flooding our bodies with the beautiful vibrations of our Higher Nature , in the presence of which , disease melts away as snow in the sunshine. There is no true healing unless there is a change in mind and inner happiness. "  - Dr. Edward Bach. 

" Working with flower essences has absolutely transformed my life. l no longer stress over things that used to create anxiety in my life. l have seen new opportunities open to me as l welcome change into my life. l have recommended the essences to others and witnessed the impact the essences have had on them as well. These essences will always be a part of my wellness plan." Nancy Well - Director of grief support , The Laugh Academy. 

To book your session -  

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then send an email or text msg with your name , prefered time / day options.  0459 383 770. 

All readings are done via video chat. Preferably Facetime. 

Reading time is approximately 1 hr and times choices are between 11am - 7pm. ( NSW time ).