Flower Yogini Immersion

Private tuition in Sacred flower yoga ( feminine embodiment practise ) combined with flower essence use, for a beautiful exploration of your divine self. 

Through the power of flower essences and yoga reclaim your radiance , raise your energy, and open yourself to love.

Increase your self worth , confidence and intuition.
Release outdated patterns , limiting beliefs and emotional / mental habits.
Come into alignment with new earth frequencies ,
beginning with peace within.
Tap into your natural birthright of joy , inspiration ,
wisdom , creativity and love.
In this immersion we will work with the Sacred flowers and feminine embodiment yoga specifically tailored for you.
You will have 4 x 1:1 private yoga sessions ( on zoom ).
A flower essence reading and personalised remedy.
Sacred flower product set for use over the month.
1st session - Consultation to establish your intention / intentions for the course. Flower essence reading and remedy for use over your course.
Yoga ( feminine embodiment practise ) , including simple instructions for continued daily practise. 2hrs.
2nd and 3rd session - Yoga. Sharing your experience .
Q & A time. Fine tuning at home practises for daily use.
4th session - Yoga. Fine tuning flower essence program , establishing ongoing home practise to continue deepening into your centre and returning to your innate body wisdom on a daily basis.
During the course l am available via email for question or sharing. You are encouraged to maintain a journal of your Flower yogini immersion journey.


In Sacred flower yoga we work with all the elements of nature and the living presence of the divine in all. We tune in to our natural body wisdom and heart centre , following what feels nourishing , pleasurable , expanding and graceful.

We are sourcing from the abundant energies of earth mother , divine spirit presence and the sacred feminine essence.

We will draw on various aspects of yoga including asana ( poses ) , pranayama ( breathing exercises ) , mantra , prayer and meditation.Sacred flower yoga carries an imprint of a temple dance lineage so we allow our bodies to flow and move.

This yoga is like having healing treatments where you uncover and explore your own internal healing power through the practises we share. You will be given simple practises to continue on with in daily life.

On completion of your course you can book 1:1 sessions to strengthen your personal practise.

Cost for course is $444

Value - $120 per private session x 4 = $500

Flower essence reading & remedy = $100

Sacred flower product set = $89 Total $689.

Yours for $444.

Interested? Please email me to discuss further.



About my yogic path.

l took my first yoga class in my late teens and have continued to practise and learn ever since. Yoga is an ancient offering for alignment with truth and love, and it has served me well as a sensitive soul living in these fast paced, changing times. From a young age l was enchanted by the mystical, and by the wonders of nature. Tuning into true beauty, seen and unseen, has always guided and inspired me. l have spent my life in the study and practises of earth based spirituality and healing.

Yoga is the perfect companion and container for this. It is, in its essence  a healing art and system for connection to the Divine, to nature and to our own inner knowing. It is a way of life. Yoga means union. Fresh out of my teens l was a young mother and l would rise early to practise, or study yoga in the evenings when my little ones slept. Along side other teachings on nature and ceremonies from various pathways. l often fit yoga in and around daily activities. l especially love to make moments for it when outside' the earth my mat, the sky and trees my temple, the sun and water my focus of devotion.

My path of yoga is a feminine flow as l follow the rhythms of nature, and have been honouring the Goddess since l was very young. Especially through the life experience of being a mother who has raised two beautiful daughters. l honour my mothering path as my greatest spiritual teaching, and my daughters as living angels / priestesses who helped me stay always aligned in the ways of the sacred feminine.  l was blessed to learn from many traditions and teachers throughout my life and continue to enjoy learning and exploring the endless depths of yoga. l was eventually 'qualified' by Peter Clifford of Anahata yoga. Anahata is the sanskrit name for the heart chakra. Peter took me in as his apprentice in my early 30's and graced me with his yogic wisdom as handed down through TKV Desikachar and his father Sri. T. Krishnamachara. Though he too had other teachers and influences along the way. 

It took me many years to complete my teacher trainings with Peter, as l was raising 2 daughters and my home life is always my first love and spiritual practise. Being a mum is truely a path of love, devotion, service and discipline. All qualities yoga teaches. For me yoga is in the daily practise of embracing yogic principles in all aspects of life, its about being present, compassionate, more joyful, kind and connected to the divine spirit of all, in all. Officially l am ' qualified ' for 500 hrs yoga through Yoga alliance, and l am also certified to train others to become Anahata yoga teachers, though yoga teaching is so much more than a qualification. It is a path of love, beauty and truth.

Being filled with the light of yoga gives me a natural desire to share, it is an overflowing of the grace it brings. l have also worked as a therapist across multiple healing modalities, been a professional bellydancer and a teacher of sacred dance for women. l have held circles for many years, bringing people to their hearts through the elements of nature, prayer, embodied yogic practises and flower / water ceremonies. l maintain a daily personal practise of yoga, prayer, nature worship and service to love.  

So much love, Sienna.

Interested? Please email me to discuss further.