Anointing Ritual

Enter the Temple,

lay your struggle at the alter,

offer everything up to divine spirit,

as we journey into the mystical realms

of flowers and celestial frequencies for healing,

transformation and deep restoration on a cellular level.

 A sacred flower anointing ritual is a beautiful surrender into divine love. It is an exquisite healing session using flower essences, essential oils, reiki, light codes activations, sound frequency, moments of massage and the laying of hands.

 From start to finish you will be cared for with complete reverence and love. On arrival there will be a brief consultation & flower essence reading to establish your needs and if there are any particular issues / intentions for your session.

Specific remedies will be created for use in your session, with bottles for you to take home.


Before we lay you down for the flower blessings we will take a few moments of gentle movement practise to open your body and breath in preparation to receive.

The Sacred oils and essences will be anointed at your energy centres, further infused with the laying of hands and opening channels of pure light.

There will be some massage for feet, hands and neck, and you will remain covered for your treatment, so that you can journey deep into the divine frequencies arising through you.

There will be tea & cacao to refresh yourself with before leaving the temple.

 Investment $222


 Please email to express your interest ,

check next available times & ask any questions.

 We establish your booking time before taking payment.

Once your session date & time is made,

go in and make your payment to confirm your booking.


 To anoint means to mark a person as sacred. An anointing ritual is an ancient rite of initiation and healing. The initiation is a deepening into your sacred self, by raising your frequency through flower medicine and light activations, you align with your true nature. We allow the shadows and pain, to be felt, honoured and released. We embrace our darkness & our light. We cultivate acceptance, forgiveness, inner peace and true love.

 Marking you as sacred through this anointing ritual is an honour.l am humbled to be of service to your deepening into love, to your precious heart & beautiful spirit.


 Healing energy is here for all of us. When another ( in this case , me ) is joining the flow of these frequencies & focusing attention upon you, you feel the benefits & strengthen your own light. My communion with the flowers and other vibrational healing frequencies is shared naturally as the Great mother & Divine spirit has given us these gifts to help us on our way.

 l began my own healing journey while still a teenager and have always lived in reverence to earth mother and spirit. Through my own personal struggles l began studying healing paths. It has been a life long journey, and while my knowledge and experience is vast l am ever honouring and bowing to divine guidance to show me the way.

 l am trained and experienced in various healing modalities including aromatherapy, yoga, crystal therapy, body work, nature based ceremonies, reiki and other light bodies work.

l maintain daily practises of yoga, prayer & nature reverence.

 Love Sienna.