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Understanding flower essences

Hello . . .  l have a bit of flower inspiration for you , so sit back , grab a tea if you can & relax into some light reading for true beauty. 

A flower is a living embodiment of Love & wisdom and in a similar way to herbs , each flower has individual healing qualities to bring balance into our lives. For example , many of us associate Roses with love , and yes this is a big part of her healing frequency. Rose soothes the heart on many levels and offers an array of goodness from lifting depression , soothing frayed emotions , calming skin , to raising your internal love vibration thereby increasing the inspiration for self care and nurturing. We could all use some of that , would you say ?  

Flower essences work through the subtle energies of your being , gently infusing your emotions and spiritual nature , therefore effecting health at a transformational level where real and lasting change can happen. They are not a quick fix , though many feel instant comfort and restoration from a flower essence healing , what they do is assist us to change our negative patterns and follow the path of our highest good. l have been working with flowers my entire adult life and began my relationship with them as a small child , after high school l did a diploma of Aromatherapy and have been an avid student and devotee of nature in so many ways. l began making flower essences about 10 years ago and of all the essences I've made l have chosen 33 , all from flowers found in the Byron shire , to offer you in my Sacred flower collection. You can have a reading & / or a healing with me , or you can purchase your own set of Sacred flower essence cards & book from the website. In this way you can bring the wisdom of the flowers into your daily life and begin , or deepen , your journey with flower healing.

Once you have your own set you can learn how to read for yourself and order essences accordingly. The book and cards l have made is written and produced by me locally , ethically & sustainably. They were not sent off for bulk production to cut costs. Every step of the journey was lovingly guided by me , from the creation of each flower essence to the end product of the book delivered to you to share their magic. 

As you probably realise l deeply love Mother Earth and her healing flowers and l wish to share that passion with you. This week l am offering all my subscribers 20% off the regular price of these divine flower cards. l will also be offering another practitioner training in the Spring , so if you feel you want to dive deep into the flower Queendom for personal transformation & / or professional use please send me an email at registering your interest. And check out now to see more on the cards , book & other flower inspiration. Add code    flower essences    to get your discount 

Flower love & blessings , 

Sienna Moon , xx