Thanks , presence & gifts.

Dear flower friends, 

Firstly l want to say a big thank you to all of you that have supported my humble offerings of love. That flow from Mama Earths blessings , through these hands and heart , to you. It is my pure delight to share natures gifts and inspire a more natural way of life. 

As the season speeds up towards Christmas remember that the sweetest gifts we can give each other is our presence. An earnest smile , some kind words , a thoughtful gesture , and if we are inspired to give , may we choose ethical , low impact , natural goodness. With this in mind l have an active discount code until the 15th of December that you are all welcome to use , as often as you like , for sacred flower gifts. Code ' gifts ' at checkout for 20% off your entire purchase.

As a gesture from Sacred flower l would like to offer out some of my most recent creations that will not enter the website & are in short term limited supply only. It's the Jasmine Moonflower mist. Full of enchanting , purifying , uplifting flower essences of Jasmine , Moonflower & White iris , its scent is floral , high and refreshing. Its the perfect Summer companion to cleanse and charge your self and your space. 

If your place an order over $80 I'll pop one in as a gift from the flowers to you. Please send me a quick email saying , ' jasmine moonflower ' , if you want to receive this extra mist with your purchase.

If you want to see the product please go to the blog on website as a photo is featured at the bottom of this letter. 

Sending you all so much love & flower blessings ,

Sienna xx

jasmine moonflower flower essence mist