Roses and the goddess.

Dear flower lovers , 

If you follow Sacred flower on Instagram you'll know I'm mildly Rose obsessed. A queen of flowers, she carries so many gifts and is used extensively in the Sacred flower temple. Along with my beloved water lillies , lotuses and other flowers , herbs and plants. 

Rose is one of those 'heal all' type remedies and is especially beneficial for women. Rose water is the base for many of our flower essence mists , and the essence is included in various different blends. Rose essence and oil can also be found in Love perfume. 

Rose is used for exhaustion , depletion , depression , mood swings and all emotional issues to do with the heart and love. She brings tenderness , compassion and the momentum for self love and kindness. She eases tension on all levels , bringing comfort , and gently opens our hearts after struggle and dissapointment. Roses have the rich quality of simultaneously nourishing the embodied experiences of love; ie bringing heart connections , honesty , trust and sensual awakenings , while also strengthening our awareness and bond with our true spiritual nature.  This is just a glimpse at the healing properties and benefits of rose. 

Roses have been a close ally of mine since long before Sacred flower was created. So long in fact l named my first born daughter Kayla Rose. She is now a grown woman embodying the beauty and inner wisdom of the mystic rose. She is a florist , botanical artist and an earth & goddess worshipping warrioress. 

Rose is a symbol of the goddess and the spiritual path of womens mystery ways. In many cultures and mythological stories rose represents love ( obviously ) and also the deep, intuitive, healing, essence of womens knowledge. Roses speaks of the beauty and power of female sensuality , our wombs and heart. They convey a womans depth of love , wisdom and our immence capacity for healing and transformation.

The rose is often depicted with images of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Both of these women were high initiates , priestesses of their time , bringing great love and healing through their paths of light. Their symbol is the rose. Other goddesses and priestesses through history connected to the rose are Isis , who is the Egyptian Mother Goddess lineage of which the Marys are connected. Also the well known Greek goddess Aphrodite , and her Roman equivilant, Venus, are surrounded by stories and dipictions of roses. When l travelled through the south of France smelling the most incredible roses and visiting the sacred places of the Magdalene, l experienced the significance and deep wisdom of the rose connected to the goddess. Most images of the Marys featured roses and roses often grew in her holy places of worship where she lived as a healer.  It is something worthy of a whole book on and difficult to convey in a little entry on roses. l believe many of us just sense it and feel the deep, endless fascination and exquisite beauty of roses goes far beyond her divine scent and healing properties. 

Known as the Queen of flowers , Rose is a goddess in her own right. A beautiful , radiant being , offering divine scents and high vibrations of love and healing for all who wish to take a moment to bask in her enchanting presence.  

So much love & rose blessings ,