peace giveaway

Hi beautiful , 

If l asked you to picture a flower in your mind that would bring you peace , what would you see ? Try it , see what comes to mind.

In some ways all flowers offer peace through the sheer joy & beauty they bring. Though some are more specific to the cause than others.

Peace & happiness is something many flower essences give us. They bring calm within the storm , helping whatever stressful situations may face us from day to day and offer comfort to deal with feelings of anxiety and pain. 

Peace.  Not always the easiest state to stay in though right ?  Given the increasing amount of pressures we face and the stress of keeping up with our modern culture , we are often racing inside and feeling overburdened. So finding the time for peaceful practises such as time out in nature , or pursuing creative endevours or classes , or even just relaxing over sipping tea with a friend  . . .  can end up on the bottom of our to do list. 

Flower essences offer an easy way to incorperate a little peace & joy into the every day. Here are some l know to be specifically condusive to peace.

Peace lily , kind of obvious l suppose  . . .   but they really are an amazing plant / flower. You can get them in most garden centers , they make great indoor plants & keep the environment fresh & clean. On many levels !  From discord between people to electromagnetic smog from technology. They're also pretty easy to care for & to cultivate , so as they grow you can even seperate , re pot and share with friends. 

The common daisy , any variety will do , but especially the classic white with yellow center , & they're flowering through the winter. I've seen them in Victoria bursting sweetness through the cold & l have some in my garden in NSW.  If you see any , pick a few , take them home , put them on your table , let them work their magic on you. They will offer you comfort , inspire kindness and help you to see the truth.  

Then there's the lavender which are also flowering at the moment. Pick a sprig & keep it close to your heart , rub it on your skin , smell its essence on your fingers. It really is an essence of peace , soothing all manner of aches and pains , both emotionally and physically. 

So thats a little glimpse , and theres many more. Generally when we think of flowers for peace , flowers of white , light purple and blue are indictators to calming flowers. Having said though , if a gorgeous pink rose came to mind when imagining flowers to bring peace , or a yellow iris  . . .   then surely this would calm you. Your intuition is your greatest guide. Also the way flower essences work is not always as obvious as it may seem.  Everything is connected , and through aligning in one area , another area can balance out. Thus creating peace. But l think thats another chat for another time. I've been going on long enough.

To follow on from the last post heres the peace mist for you  . . . 

A beautiful flower essence mist to bring peace & calm , its the rescue remedy or  emegency essence , of the Sacredflower range. With blue water lily , white yarrow, peace lily , passionfruit flower , native violet and daisy flower essences. It also contains just a hint of lavender essential oil. The classic peace inducing aroma. 

Spray close onto the skin to take in the flowers essences , use as frequently as required. It is not a natural perfume like the roll ons , the scent will fade quite quickly but the essences will infuse you with their healing vibrations. 

If you'd like your Peace mist as a gift from me , just make an order online for $50 + , then shoot me a quick email saying  ' peace '  . . .  offer stands till this friday the 6th only.  

Peace & flower love, 

Sienna. xx

Here's an image from me making the flower essence from peace lily flowers. xx