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Mother Earth - a mothers love.

With Mothers day coming up we have the chance to reflect on our experiences of mothering. Many of us have been blessed with loving mums, while some have not. Some of us took to raising children with joy and enthusiasm , while other women quietly long to fill their wombs with life , and yet go unfulfilled. Mothers day can be an emotional time.
For me being a mum is the most beautiful life path and spiritual experience l have. The surrender , the love , the devotion , to give all of myself.                  My daughters are real life angels and teachers of pure love. 
For sure the struggles are real in there too , the intense emotional testing , the frayed nerves. The strange sense of isolation and loneliness , even while being surrounded by beautiful children , yet having no partner or sense of place in the world of people. But these things made me strong , compassionate and wise.
Leading to places of deep communion with spirit and nature. For they are ever present and endlessly offering comfort and love. 
Being a mama has been the basis of my life and connected me deeply and truely to the great mother of us all , Mother Earth. 
She who can take our struggles and turn them into compost in the depths of her healing heart , giving us strength and light , to grow the most beautiful flowers. My attention turns to her , for she is my saving grace and the reason l offer you the Sacred flowers. l believe in her love and healing energies so deeply. Her gifts soothe our souls , helping us , as a mothers love does. 

My youngest & l , held in the nourishing arms of Earth mama. 
So coming up to Mothers day l give so much thanks to Earth Mother , to my own beautiful mum and to the power of mothering that resides in us all.  To be able to give selflessly , nurture  and love unconditionally. 
To keep this up we need to continuously cleanse and replenish ourselves , and stay connected to natures healing frequencies. 
Enter , our sacred flowers , essences of Mother Earth , created to expand love , happiness , inner peace and peace on Earth , through sharing her divine gifts of healing. Take 20% off all purchases storewide , stock up on your favourite perfumes and mists , maybe try some new flower essences. This is my little Mothers day gift to you , open from today until Mothers day on the 12th of May.  Treat yourself , spoil your mum , celebrate the endless beauty of Earth Mother and your own capacity to access boundless love for all. 

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So much love ,