Moon love.

You may have heard whispers of the eclipse season upon us , or of this luna eclipse arriving with our full moon this weekend ? A time of strong energies and opportunities for renewal. Whether effected by the moon , the stars , our inner workings or the environment we find ourselves in , life is certainly full of challenges , upheval and constant change. Of this we know. 

Giving ourselves little moments to stop , to breathe , to be with nature , to connect in with the flowers , these are the things that bring relief , comfort , strength. We don't always need to carve out big chunks of time for self care and reflection. In catching ourselves throughout the day with sweet little reminders to breathe , listen , allow , soften , become more present , we can make everyday easier , clearer , happier. 

Flowers help so much with this. They are our friends , offering gentle healing essences to support us through. Using your sacredflower products during the day as little pick me ups , & reminders to breathe , soften , clear , strengthen. To just be for a moment . . .  the flowers give us this , and for this l am so grateful.

Flowers , plants , trees , the sun , the moon , the big sky , the water , all of them are friends to me. l draw great nourishment from their endless giving and bountiful healing qualities. Turning our attention to nature as we move through the day is vital. A bit more time staring out the window , instead of at the screen. A few extra moments of appreciating the air we recieve because of trees , and the hues of green in the plants and the colours of the sky , the flowers . . . 

At the moment the camillia flowers are blossoming strong here. Sometimes refered to as the rose of winter , she brings beautiful shades of pink and white and carries such a sweet , nurturing essence. l have sourced an organic camillia oil to use as a pure flower serum for your skin. Some of you have tried our ' anoint ' serum already. The camillia oil with rare & precious sacred flower essences & essential oils added , and l said I would mention it here when it was up perminantly on the website. So yes , its here ! If you want to find out more about this exeptional skin oil & divine anointing product see it on our home page.

Thanks so much for sharing this rambling ,  flower , earth love with me . . .

Please enjoy the discount code ' grateful ' for 20% off storewide , available to all of you , my valued flower community , until the full moon on this Saturday the 28th. 

Flower love & radiant bright moon blessings ,