Love mist

Hi Lovely , 

Thanks for joining me in a moment of flower revere.

Recently a few customers have asked if l could make the violet natural perfume into a mist. So l thought to let you all know , l already have ! 

Its the new ' Love ' mist from the latest batch of 50ml flower essence blends that l created. The love mist contains a blend of flower essences specifically choosen for calling upon the power of love and is scented with violet essential oil. 

Violet has long been considered a flower of love & romance , so instead of reaching for my usual rose preference l created this love mist with violet. 

Violet is the delicate , gentle , yet sweetly evocative flower musing peacefully in the shade of the garden. She is a lesser known angel of love. Gently offering her tender fragrance to coax out feelings of warmth , empathy & highly attuned senstitivity to matters of the heart. In pagan folk lore violets were included in posies to invite romance , said to stir signs of affection from even the most shy amoungst us. 

l personally love the scent of violet , it is both soothing and uplifting. Carrying a sense of the mystical that is also grounded in the delight of simple pleasures. Lately my go to has been the violet perfume.  

The love flower essence mist contains flower essences of pink water lily , red rose , pink frangipani , golden rose , diviners sage flower & pink bottle brush. All super , high vibing love flowers & when you spray them to your skin to take in their beautiful qualities you will smell violets & be left with just a whisper of her scent.

Sound good ? 

In the spirit of wanting to give the world flowers we will be giving some of these Love mists away . . .   make an order of $50 or more and you can have one as a gift , offer avaiable till this friday only. l will also add in some little flower cards of the flower essences contained in the blend ,  so you can have a look at what each flower essence brings.

Once you place your order please send a quick email saying  ' Love violet '. Thats all you need to do. 

Fill your days with flowers. Tune in to the wonderful world of earth wisdom and bring yourself more happiness and peace. 

So much love & flower blessings , 

Love Sienna. 

 Native violets blooming most of the year round in my garden.