The Jasmine is blossoming !   . . .   and what sweet joy she brings. l awoke to find the jasmine swaying in the morning breeze and instantly felt refreshed , more alive , inspired and happy. This revitalising , sweet flower symbolises new life , new possibilities and time for positive change. The very first flowers of Spring. Although Spring is yet to come , Jasmine reassures us , its just around the corner. 

l love Jasmine , l am actually taking it as a flower essence at the moment , along with a few more , and you can find her in a number of Sacred flower creations. I'm delighting in picking long threads of her blossoming vines and having the scent fill my home.

As well as being an awakening and alluring scent , Jasmine offers a multitude of useful properties as a flower essence. Heralding the Springtime they bring the promise of new beginnings and a sense of hope and lightness of being. Jasmine is beautiful for awakening spiritual awareness and clarity , while also activating your creativity and sensuality. These flowers uncover the sweetness of spirituality and sensuality joined in innocent joy , bringing happiness and fresh energy to your spirit.  

Jasmine also has the wonderful effect of encouraging deep breathing and is therefor an excellent all round health booster , as deep breathing provides improved health on all levels. One of my favourite flowers . . .  ok , so l have a lot of favourite flowers ! But really the jasmine does bring such a happiness and freshness to everything , which is so timely right now. 

The jasmine is inspiring me to refresh all my essences , take a bunch of them myself , tune in to the flowers again in new ways , open to hearing new messages and exploring deeper floral realms. l wonder what she might awaken in you ? 

If you havent tried the individual flower essences yet , now's your chance. l will add some Jasmine essence to all orders made today & tomorrow. Only for the next 48hr. You can add flower essences to your drinking water , or take them directly under your tounge every day. You can even add them as extras to your existing Sacred flower essence blends for specific & extra flower power ! 

When you purchase flower essences on line you can then receive my digital flower essence book as a bonus from Sacred flower , for we truely want to spread the flower love as much as possible. That is what we're here for. 

So head to the shop and pick your favs , or try something new & once you've picked your Sacred flowers send through a quick email saying  'Jasmine ' to have your little bottle included in your parcel. 

l hope the promise of Spring , the beautiful Jasmine and the new moon coming this weekend , fill your spirit with fresh , new life , inspiration and happiness. 

Much Love & joyful , jasmine blessings to you and yours , 

Love Sienna.