flower gifts for you

Hello beautiful ,

l want to start off by saying a big , warm thank you !! 

To you my readers , customers , interested viewers , you flower , nature lovers  you.

In pondering my little , humble business recently l was filled with gratitude for all the people that enjoy my products and subscribe to my blog. As you know l love flowers and being with mother nature. l have given myself in service to spreading the beautiful healing & love that pours forth from her , into my flower essences , perfumes & mists , and out towards you. So from the bottom of my heart , thanks for being open to receiving this natural beauty and these sacred scents , for they truely are a labour of love. To say thank you l will be adding a little gift & some discount vouchers into all online orders this week , for even more flower / plant goodness.

Today while walking around the lake these beautiful blossoms were beaming luminous magenta light and l couldn’t help but get drawn into the waters to pick a couple. The lake l was walking is not really a swimming lake & l usually just breathe them in from the edge and give thanks for such magnificence , but today l couldn’t help but go on in for the last of the water lily season. They smell incredible and have given me endless inspiration for further flower creations. In the photo above they appear more light purple in colour , and throughout the afternoon , in the different lights they have been changing colour , truely mystical. l really wanted to share them with you and wish you could smell how amazing they are !

Another delightful scent l have been working with lately is violets. They are such sweet ,  yet earthy , gentle beings. In the past l have made flower essences of native violets & hearts ease , & they can be found in my flower essence range. Then recently l was drawn to the essential oils of violets. Such a divine fragrance.  So l have come up with a new perfume full of violet flower love. It contains violet essential oils , native violet , hearts ease , jacaranda flower and lobelia flower essences . . . . Yes l decided to add flower essences of corresponding colours , think violet , mauve , lilac blue hues imparting soothing waves of tenderness , bringing clarity & focus to the mind and deep peace to the heart.

To express further gratitude & add on even more flower love I have some violet natural perfumes to give to the first 5 orders over $50 made within the next 24 hrs online. And yes , you will still also get your other free gift and vouchers mentioned above . . .  l am truely grateful & genuinely wish to share this sacred flower magic . . .  just like the flowers & all of nature , who give constantly , beaming gifts of beauty and nourishment. They are my constant source of inspiration for all levels of my being.

Thanks for being here to share this earth wisdom ,

So much love & flower blessings ,

Love Sienna.