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Flower essences

 Hey there flower lovers ,
Today I'm going to share a little about the flower essences and how they can bring you inner peace , happiness and strength to deal with the stresses we face every day. It's going to be tricky to keep it brief , as l could talk for days on the healing benefits of flowers , flower essences , plants , and all the elements of nature , it's been a life long love affair. 
It's undeniable that humans and flowers have a certain synergy. When we see them something happens , a sense of joy , or hope , a flash of a smile. In turn flowers flourish in our attention. Sure they'll grow wild and free without us , but you can see the delicate relationship between a gardener and their garden. Those flowers bloom happily and give back endless love to their carers.

With flower essences , we take another angle with it. We see the divine beauty present in a flower and have learnt to capture that essence , preserve it , and use it for healing. Every flower that grows carries its own unique signature of healing properties , they are gifts from Earth Mother , providing support , nourishment and the opportunity for transformation. Flower essences work on an energetic level to restore equilibrium of the body , mind and spirit. They contain no scent and should not be confused with essential oils , which do carry powerful scent. At Sacred flower we use a combination of flower essences and essential oils in our natural perfumes and products , but we do also have single flower essences available for specific uses. These flower essences can be choosen intuitively , or by searching the flowers remedy for certain ailments.
Flower essences have been used traditionally by indigenous cultures around the world. They have been made popular in our modern world largely through the work of Dr. Edward Bach , who lived in the late 1800's & early 1900's. 
In his geniune concern for his patients wellbeing he began researching the effects of wholistic healing , in particular , vibrational remedies from nature. His life's commitment to this work resulted in the wonderful world of flower essences opening up to us from his range , the Bach flower essences. 

Here are some words from this incredible doctor who understood the flower essences. 
'They are able , like beautiful music or any other glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration , to lift our natures, bring us peace , and relieve our suffering. They cure , not by attacking the disease , but by flooding our bodies with beautiful vibrations of our higher nature , in the presence of which , disease melts away like snow in sunshine. 
There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook , peace of mind and happiness.'
Flower essences give us this.


I have also made a complete set of flower essences to cover all possible concerns you may have. These essences have been made over time in deep ceremony and reverence to the flowers , Mother earth & the divine spirit of all. In the Sacred flower flower essence set there are 33 essences in total. l do make many more flower essences along they way and sometimes offer them out to the world through a small batch flower elixir creation. l love making flower essences and working with flowers as a way to share love and the earths wisdom with you. l have seen very real and beautiful transformations in people as they let the light of the flowers in.

Here's a couple of testimonials from the website on individual flower essences -
On Golden Rose flower essence -
" Sacred Flower essences are divinely made and penetrate the layers of unconscious resistance. Golden Rose is a must have. " - Renee. 

On blue water lily flower essence -
" This essence brings me such peace , and makes me more in tune with the beauty all around me. l feel more present , graceful and grateful. " - Isabella.

There is so much more to share with you about the Sacred flowers , there is a small description of each flowers healing properties next to its image in the online shop , so you can get an idea from there. There is also a page on the website on flower essences. When you buy individual flower essences online you have access to a digital copy of my flower essence book for free. In the book , the descriptions are more detailed.

Thanks for making it to the bottom of my little rant , like l said l could talk for days about all this but lets leave it there for now. l truely love sharing the flower magic , it has brought me , and many around me , great emotional , spiritual and physical support , as well as insight , clarity and peace. So thanks for being here to let me share this gentle yet powerful modality.
If you'd like a personal flower essence reading & remedy , send an email.

If you'd like to intuitively choose your own , visit the flower essence section online at Sacred flower. 

So much love and flower blessings ,