Spring time flowers

Spring time !  

l love it , so many flowers & welcome warmth. I've been making some new flower essences of orchids and growing new flowering plants and herbs around my home. I've also been so enjoying the bees & been blessed to observe them collecting pollen & taking it back to their flow hive which is a home hive system thats cruelty free , Its been amazing to really watch them at work & see how they turn flower nectar to honey.  Everywhere l go it seems the flowers are singing so joyfully and their gifts to us continue to inspire me beyond words. So instead of talking too much l will share some of the pictures I've been taking.

Hearts ease , growing in the garden , they taste delicious for breakfast 


These orchids smell like honey , strong , sweet honey . 

Morning yoga spot under the empress tree , the flowers above filled with buzzing bees

native pink orchids 

flying free in & out of their hive

Magnolia bliss . . .

So theres a little visual snippet of my flower days , & l mean little , you should see the amount of flower pics l've get going on these last weeks . . . so lucky.

All love & springtime blessings , 

Sienna , xx