Flower Alchemy giveaway .

Hello Beautiful , 

l would love to share a little flower magic with you, as l am so inspired by the healing power l am feeling and witnessing all around me at the moment from the beauty of the flower and nature realms.

Last week l was invited in to the spend a day within a week long healing retreat. l came with sacred flower waters l had prepared to give participants flower / water blessings. The picture above shows part of my little set up which was outside under an amazing , fig tree by a peaceful, flowing creek , on beautiful land . . . After a circle outside each person finds a place to sit in silence and tune in to the elements , then as the day progresses , one by one , they come to me under the big, old grandmother tree and we pray together. Basically l anoint them in these specially prepared waters of many sacred flowers , crystals and prayers for peace and love. Then by the grace of the flowers and the water and the intention to cleanse , be present and feel whats true, each person prays in their own way , some in silence , some in words , each unique. l was so humbled by the beauty and raw honesty expressed and the powerful transformations that took place. l feel so honoured to be able to work in this way and gift others with the treasures of Mother Earth. The power of the flower essences are so nourishing and healing , they infuse us with healing light. 

Since then l have been busy creating essences for clients and keeping up with my perfume alchemy. l am enjoying having this blog to find a place to reach you too and l am very interested to find out what you would like to hear about from me ? l share little snippets of my flower realm , everyday is filled with floral findings , so l just share what feels strong in my awareness at the time , but l am a wealth of knowledge in the field and am curious , what do you like to read about ?  

Would you like to hear more about the healing properties of individual flowers , would you like me to share at home rituals for connection and self love ? Or are you happy with me letting it flow like water and hoping it inspires you to take time to smell the flowers , breathe the fresh air , notice just how loving and nurturing trees really are.  If you have a moment to drop me a line , l'd love to serve you better. 

In celebration of the Alchemy l have been witnessing l want to share about my Alchemy perfume. As you can see l get very caught up in flower creation and serving those around me. So so far the technical details are sometimes left till last , like adding new products to my site . l have a popular perfume that l still haven't uploaded called Alchemy. 

In contrast to my flowery range it carries more earthy , woody notes , with a sensual undertone from the blue lotus and patchouli. These essential oils blend beautifully with the sandalwood , cedarwood and vetiver.  The scent is popular with men and women. It contains flower essences , ( which have no scent / simply their vibrational healing essences ) of diviners sage flower , acacia , morning glory and white yarrow.  

So to say thank you for giving me this space to share my nature love l am giving all orders made in the next 24 hours & over $50 , a perfume of this alchemy elixir .

Heres wishing you a great day with many moments of beauty & time to smell the flowers.

Love Sienna. x