earths gifts

Hello beautiful , 

Thanks for being here. This is a humble offering from me to bring some good , earthy inspiration into your day , l hope you enjoy it.  A big part of why l make flower essences , these natural products ,  and take the time to write these little blogs to you , is because l deeply believe we can heal , and be whole , and held , through our connection with the earth and all the incredible gifts she gives. 

Selfie ; restoring myself with banksia flowers. They seem to be everywhere l go. Banksia offer support in times of low energy & tiredness. They lighten the load of all we carry , involking a sense of relief , renewing enthusiasm and inspiration ......   

I sometimes get asked to make special products for womens circles or healing events. Recently l was asked to make a ' Durga ' flower essence mist for an international womens gathering in the Greek Islands. Sounds so nice hey ? l wish l was going ! ...  Anyway Durga is an ancient hindu goddess of great strength and deep love , a protectress of women and fierce lover of all that is sacred , the dark and the light. l have really enjoyed studying the mythology of various goddesses through out my life , l find the stories enriching and healing. This durga mist has a rich , woody base with a touch of sweetness that is deep and nurturing. It contains cedar , patchouli , sandalwood and blue lotus. The flower essences inside are from heliconia , banksia and nasturtium. All made by me from around the byron shire. l have been using the Durga mist myself and really appreciating the flower essences in it for the winter , & the exotic scent !  I'm not going to add it to my website but if you want to enjoy this creation l would love to share it with you.  Sacred flower mists can be used as a skin spritz to tone and refresh. They can be used in the home or work place to clear the space and promote a positive environment. They can be used as an energy spray or aura mist to cleanse  ,  energise and , well , just give you a really nice , feel good re set.


If you would like to experience this beautiful mist it is yours with any order over $50 in the next 2 days. So sit back and enjoy a little on line , self care , shopping at and once you've placed your order shoot us a quick email at & simple say  ' yes , Durga '  , or someting to that effect. We will match your name / email to your order. 

Sending so much love and flower , earth blessings 

Sienna. x