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Hi Beautiful , 

Recently l was at a healing retreat on an exquisite property offering my flower water blessings. l love this aspect of my work and look forward to my days of prayer with people in an open hearted space. Its lovely to be invited in to healing retreats where participants are opening through ceremony and ready to recieve the wonderful blessings of flowers & water.


After time in the temple the people come outside to me , one by one , to be anointed by sacred flower waters infused with all kinds of magical goodness. Bare foot on the earth , under the loving embrace of sky , trees and flowing creek , prayers of surrender , release and pure heart yearnings pour forth. l am deeply humbled and honoured to serve in this way. 

In ceremonies there is often a smudging using sacred herbs , wood or resins to purify and call in good energy. The dried herbs are burnt and the smoke is wafted around the space and people in prayers for the highest good of all. Over the years of circulation of my flower essence mists they seem to have found there way into many ritual situations and are now used in a similar way to smudging in ceremony. But instead of fire and smoke , there is water and flower essences.  l love that my mists are used in this way & it prompted me to make some mists with essential oils that are regularly used as sacred smudging herbs.

These little mists tend to be passed around ceremony & healing gatherings so l thought it would be nice to share them here with you too. One of my favourite forms of ceremony is the sweat lodge & l participate when ever l can. In sweat lodge it is most traditional to use white sage leaves for smudging , therefor , l came up with the white sage flower essence mist. It so reminds me of Native American ritual & in particular sweat lodge so its a big fav for me. l mean its not always appropriate to go lighting up big smudge sticks and wafting them around , but a little spritz of white sage elixir with added flower essences for enhancing the moment  . . . . . ahhhh . . . .  can basically be done anywhere at anytime. 

The other essential oil l accquired as a reminder of traditional smudging rituals is Palo santo. Used regularly in South America and often associated with plant medicine l made a little spritzer of this sweet tree wood. It also contains some of my magical flower essences from flowers that blossomed right here in the hills of Byron.  Actually I've found mine works as a deoderant too ! Yep , l love multi purpose . . . & sweet reminders that all is sacred , always , all ways.

So my dear flower friends , I am giving you the opportunity to get your hands on these little gems. With all orders made in the next 24hrs we will add either a White sage mist or a Palo Santo mist. Just place your order then send a quick msg via email stating either "white sage " or  "Palo santo " whichever one you would like to try. Its yours. A little gift from me to you in honour of our beloved mother earth & all the divine , healing love she offers us every , single day. 

So go to , pick up your favourite Sacred flowers & get your free mist. 

So much love & flower , water blessings,