Anoint yourself in flowers.


Hey there Flower lovers ,

If your follow my instagram account you might have caught some images of my last flower water blessings out in the forest. Where l anoint the people in sacred flower waters that l make for the purpose of purification , prayer and connection. It is a day spent in deep reverence and powerful healing. I’ll pop a photo at the end of this blog , to view images from now on you will need to visit the blog on our website.     

To anoint means to mark a person as sacred.

It was often reserved for holy rituals , administered by priestesses & priests.

Now it is time for us to anoint ourselves daily. Mark yourself as sacred. Honour yourself as holy woman of your life , connected to the divine spirit in all creation.

This is one of the beautiful gifts within Sacred flower. To be using the perfumes,  mists and individual flower essences as a way to incorporate ritualistic moments into our days.To realise that each moment is sacred and to take little breathers through out the day to remind ourselves of this. To anoint in your favourite Sacred flower product , is an especially beneficial way to start the day , setting a tone of self love and connection to the beauty of life. Having said , it is certainly not limited to morning rituals only , at any point, take in the beautiful scents & healing properties of flowers, and offer yourself the grace of simple presence and reverence.

So to tell you a little about the product , ‘ Anoint ‘.The base of anoint is the light, yet deeply nourishing, pure, organic camellia oil.

The secret skin care oil favoured by Japanese geisha ,for cleansing , youthful radiance & moisturiser. This in itself would be enough to boost your skin clarity , smooth fine lines & give you dewy softness. But as we’re obsessed with flowers , of course , I’ve added some rare & precious essences not often available in my other creations.

The perfect ratio of essential oils in this blend consists of white lotus, jasmine and frangipani. Light on skin with an elluring , gentle scent. 

White lotus also contains divine brightening , rejuvenating properties for skin. There is so much goodness in all the oils combined. Then there are the flower essences. l have blended in some rare and precious orchid essences & lotus essences. Orchids carry refined sensual beauty & connect us to the mystical  . . . and l could write a whole book on lotus essence ! She is an enlightened flower of ever unfolding petals. Growing always towards the sun from the dark , cold mud. She is a symbol of profound transformation , spirituality , prayer & connection to all , with delicate aphrodisiac qualities that lift your spirits and refresh you senses.

Anoint was initially created as an organic facial serum for exceptional skin care. In its year long test trial customers are also intuitively using it as a sacred anointing oil for its beautiful sense of clarity , heart / soul nurturing and grace. Placing a drop to heart area , womb area , third eye , wrists & / or neck.

Using as mentioned above , marking the self as sacred in a quick moment of ritual.  It is also being used to anoint in ceremony and love rituals.

If applying on the face it is recommended to use anoint in the evening after cleansing skin. Again setting a tone of beauty and love for the evening as you anoint yourself in this divine flower elixir. Knowing it is amazing for your skin, but also includes benefits for your wholistic wellbeing. Nourishing your sense of self and your connection with the healing power of nature and divinity.

See further details about anoint on the home page on featured products , there’s a couple of reviews up too.

In humble service to the divine & to the flowers,

Love Sienna.