abundance & beauty

Hello beautiful ,

Here in the northern river we are seeing Spring beginning to blossom all around.

The suns a little warmer and new flowers are emerging. 

l love the changes in the seasons and watching life constantly renewing itself.

Our garden is filling with fresh leafy greens , the parsley is booming and little marigolds are just starting to show their sweet bright faces.

There is a feeling of abundance and beauty in the air.

To celebrate l thought I’d bring back one of the creations l made for a womens circle some time ago.

Its the Lakshmi mist. It smells of fresh frangipani with the slightest hint of patchouli , and also contains essences of Pink lotus , rose , hibiscus , grevillea and honeysuckle flowers. As well as citrine and pink lumerian crystal essence. This  mist was created with the intention to bring in abundance and cultivate an awareness of the beauty within , around , and in all we do.

Lakshmi is a hindu goddess of Abundance , renowned for her generosity , beauty and ability to grant wishes.  Her colours are pink and gold and she is often depicted on a pink lotus or surrounded by pink lotuses. The pink lotus flower essence l have used in this blend was created by me from a lotus pond in Byron bay. The lotus used was a large dark , pink magenta lotus. It was a delight to create her , she is so very beautiful and sacred , and has been used only occasionally.

So in the spirit of Lakshmi love l would like to offer you this gorgeous flower essence mist. That you can use as a face spritz , room spray & aura cleanse. Receiving the benefits of flower essence therapy through spraying as needed. You can find out more about each individual flower essences healing properties online at sacred flower or in your sacred flower flower essence book.

Visit the shop at www.sacredflower.com.au and spend over $50 in store to receive your free gift of Lakshmi flower essence mist in with your order. When you order just also send us a quick email saying lakshmi.

Thanks for sharing in the flower blessings ,

In beauty , gratitude and abundance,

Love Sienna. x