Flower essence immersion


I hope you are enjoying the changing season and finding time to notice the Earth's beauty all around. 

Its been a busy time here with new flower essence creations and many different opportunities to share the magic of the flowers to various groups. l have sat in beautifully done bell tents sharing flower readings and tea for womens gatherings. I have been called into retreat spaces to offer flower ceremonies and teachings to assist people in their healing journeys, by connecting more deeply with earth energies through the flowers and showing people how to use flowers and the elements of nature for purification, balance and peace.

Last Friday and Saturday I held the first Flower essence practitioner training , 2 day ceremonial flower immersion, and it was awesome. A bunch of women who had never meet before gathered to learn the ways of the flowers and while receiving this beautiful wisdom we all had our own powerful healing journeys. l feel so honoured to share this work and love the beauty that happens  when people come together to honour nature and learn of her ways. 

This is a great course for therapists of all descriptions to add flower essences to their toolkit and also for anyone who is simply drawn to the flowers or wants to tune in more to Mother Earth and their own self. All participants have access to my full range of Sacredflower flower essences for professional and personal use. All these essences are made by me from flowers of the Byron Shire. l also guide you in making your own essences. 

My inspiration for offering these courses is that l believe in the power of nature and flowers to assist us to live happier, healthier lives and l want to share this beauty as far and wide as possible. The dates for the next course are already set as there were a few that missed out last time and keen to get going. If you would like to be part of the next flower essence practitioner training please contact me soon as places are limited and filling up. 

Dates; Fri 6th May & Sat 7th May 9.30 - 4.30 pm.  Includes 1 month home study, then ;  Fri 3rd June Completion ceremony 9.30 - 12.30.  Also follow sacred flower on FB as l will be posting it as an event there so you can see more details on the page.

Feel free to connect with any questions at info@sacredflower.com.au  

Much love and abundant flower blessings to you, 

Love Sienna. xx